Fall 2019 Scent Descriptions



Almond Rose Cakes : White cake with sweet almond extract and rosewater.
Autumn Voyage : Caramel apples, smoky toasted marshmallows, and medieval mix essential oil (lavender, sweet orange, rosemary, thyme, and lemon).
Blackberry Bread : Fresh baked bread with blackberries, brown sugar, and walnuts.
Blue Garden : A moonlit garden on the edge of winter. Blue musk, carnation, smoky violets, spicy chrysanthemums, and tonka bean.
Honey & Spice Pear : Poached pears drizzled with caramel and honey, spiced with ginger and cardamom.
Jemez : PiƱon needles, lichen-covered cedar trees, black earth, and ponderosa pines with their unique vanilla scented bark. 
Pumpkin Cupcake : Pumpkin spiced cake, pumpkin puree, and buttercream frosting.
Salt Path : Gray seas, bitter myrrh, and lightly salted blackberries.
Snowy Ice Cream : A softly wintery holiday scent with marshmallow, white chocolate, vanilla and a hint of peppermint.
Toasty Marshmallow : Gooey marshmallows toasting over a cedar wood campfire with a swirl of nag champa incense.
Vanille Lumiere : French vanilla, marshmallow frosting, cotton candy, and sparkling champagne.
Vanille Noir : A blend of dark vanillas, French vanilla, and black pepper essential oil. 
Whipped Cream & Roses : Fresh cut red roses and fluffy whipped cream.

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