I'm Making Lotion Bars Now

After months of fun experimentation, I have finally come up with solid lotions to compliment my favorite soap scents. These lovely lotions are a little bit softer than a balm and a little more solid than a body butter. I'm calling them Many-Purpose Solid Lotions.

I’ve found so many uses for them. Here are a few suggestions:

Hand Cream – Keeps your hands feeling supple even if you’re a frequent hand-washer (like me).
Body Lotion – Slather it on! Works especially well right after a shower to hold in moisture all day.
Solid Perfume – Solid lotion melts at skin temperature to blend its fragrance with your natural scent. It is more subtle than alcohol-based perfumes, and actually smells a little different on each individual.
Cuticle Butter – Vitamin E is known to strengthen nails!
Massage Oil – Use a dab of solid lotion as a massage oil. It absorbs quickly (but not too quickly) so you won’t be left feeling oily.
Foot Salve – Solid lotion’s strong moisturizing ingredients are great for those rough patches like heels and elbows.

Say goodbye forever to those drugstore lotions and their mysterious chemacular ingredients! I love solid lotions because, since there is no water added, they don’t require any chemical preservatives. They also come in cute portable tins that are 100% reusable and recyclable. No plastic bottles!

Epically Epic's solid lotions are made with natural plant oils which are easily absorbed and are nourishing to your skin:

PISTACHIO BUTTER I love Pistachio butter for its low comedogenicity (meaning it won’t clog pores). I have noticed an improvement in my skin since using this butter – no more itchy dryness at the end of the day. I call it my “miracle butter."
SUNFLOWER OIL Sunflower oil has large amounts of essential fatty acids and a high amount of Vitamin E.
CANDELLILA WAX This vegan alternative to Beeswax is obtained from the coating of the wax slipper plant (Euphorhia Cerifera).
VITAMIN E Vitamin E helps slow the oxidizing process in solid lotions and is a wonderful anti-oxidant.

So far, I have I Love Lychee, Nag Champa, Lavender-Jasmine, Margarita, Hyacinth, and Grapefruit-Gardenia scents. And coming as soon as humanly possible: Lovely Tulip, Unscented, Patchouli-Tangerine...........