Epically Epic is taking a short post-holiday break for a family vacation. All orders will be shipped before we go. Happy New Year!

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Thank you!
♡ ~Allison
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SALE for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday! Use coupon code SMALLBUSINESS for 15% off your orders on Nov. 25 & 26 only. I will also bring back a few of your old favorites just for these two days!  

It's that time of year again :) Please order by December 8 for U.S. orders or by November 30 for international orders if you need your items to arrive for Christmas.

Winter Holidays Mini-Collection

Got my act together at the last second! :) The Winter Holidays Mini-Collection arrives this Saturday, November 19 at 4:00pm EST!

I heard your requests for non-gourmand scents, lavenders, and unscented options, and you will get them! Many of your favorites from the fall collection will be available through the holiday season as well. This year's winter collection will include cold process soap, solid lotions, whipped body butters, sugar scrubs, hair mist, perfume, and, of course, LIP BALMS!

It's Finally Fall!

The Fall Collection arrives this Saturday, September 24 at 12 noon EST!

Thank you for your interest in Epically Epic Soap Co. It's finally fall! This year's fall collection will include cold process soap, solid lotions, whipped body butters, sugar scrubs, hair mist, perfume, and, of course, LIP BALMS! Many of your favorites are returning from last year as well as a whole bunch of new scents and flavors.

The End of Summer Mini-Collection is here! A few fun new lip balm flavors, solid lotions, argan oil hair mists, and a soap restock for your enjoyment. In the background I'm working on the collection for everybody's favorite scent season: FALL!!

Is it weird that I'm already dreaming of fall scents?
See you soon in July when I'll be back with a small late-summer collection of new lip balms, and not too long after I'll be getting ready for FALL!! I'm working on a swirled pumpkin sugar scrub that will be pumpkin heaven.... 

Need some EE lip balm while my shop is in vacation mode? Try Femme Fatale ~

Lip Balm Formula Update!

I’m rolling out a slight change to my lip balm formula starting now. Basically it’s the same EE recipe you know with a small amount of shea butter added. I find it gives the balms an extra-creamy oomph, and my friends say it’s like Epically Epic lip balm Plus.

The reason for the change is the new sweetener I’ve been using (the old one was discontinued) is very fussy to work with. Too little and you can’t taste anything, too much and it changes the whole texture of the balm. Behind the scenes I have had to re-do several batches I didn’t think were quite good enough. The shea just makes it all come together better. After much searching, I even found a shea butter that I trust not to go grainy. (Very important!)

Please give me your feedback if you try one of the new ones. I know you all take your lip balm seriously, as do I.

Coming soon...

Up next is the Favorite Things Collection, a random assortment of scented musings about travel, gardening, parenting, food obsessions and more. I'm also bringing back some of your favorites from years past that didn't make it into the Epic Retro collection this winter.

It's official! The release date will be Saturday, May 7 at 12:00 noon EST.

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Epic Retro

It's finally happening! The Epic Retro collection will be up this Saturday, Feb. 6 at 12 noon ET. Lots of lip balms, old school lip tints, solid lotions, whipped body butters, sugar scrubs, and more. Your favorites from years past will be back along with some new early spring scents. At and on Etsy at


Will I be cartjacked? No! I will make sure everything stays in stock for at least the first week, so you can browse and shop in peace.

What is your TAT? Turnaround times will be 2-3 weeks. Not every order will take this long, but some might. Please remember that I'm doing this all myself and I also have two little children to take care of. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!

Are you still doing the free mystery balms? Yes, All orders of $30 or more will come with a free super-mystery-limited-edition lip balm. I am making new flavors exclusively for the bonus lip balm, so you will get a fun surprise with your order :)

Whoa, what's with the international shipping rate??!! Hi international customers! USPS has raised the prices for international shipping, but please contact me about flat-rate... as long as your package is 8oz. or less it will be 12.59 USD. Get as many lip balms or tints as you want for one flat rate!