New Stuff


A wonderfully complex all-natural fragrance inspired by a fantastical pine forest of woodsy spices, floral and citrus. I used a wildly expensive blend of essential oils including base notes of cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood, middle notes of cinnamon leaf, clove, jasmine, neroli, and black pepper, and top notes of coriander, pine, and mimosa. It smells great on men and women.

Although I was never fully committed to the goth style, many of my dearest friends were. Our perfume of choice was China Rain, an Asian-inspired fresh floral with rose, sandalwood, vanilla and many other mysterious notes. When I smell it, I feel like I'm a 90's teenager again driving into the city and listening to The Cure.

I realized was missing a natural nude shade in my line of lip tints, so Vanilla Latte is it! The color is a nice neutral beige with a hint of shimmer (it looks a bit lighter on your lips than in the tube). It tastes like fresh-brewed espresso sweetened with vanilla, my favorite coffee drink since the 90's latte craze.

 This fragrance was inspired by some of the fancy gourmet marshmallows I have bought on Etsy. I love how the sweet marshmallow complements the refreshing scent of Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

A deliciously fresh peppermint and creamy vanilla flavor that will remind you of mint chip ice cream or a minty milkshake.

Tastes like creamy, sweet, buttery frosting with warm butter, vanilla bean, sweet sugar, nutty nuances, baked vanilla, rum and hints of powdered sugar. The color is a light girly pink with tons of sparkle.