New Lotions and Lip Balms!

Many-Purpose Solid Lotion / Perfume

I created this scent to smell just like a day at the beach. It has been about 10 degrees and snowing here in Chicago and I couldn't help fantasizing about fresh ocean breezes, notes of sea salt, and the whiff of warm, tropical coconut.

Epic Lip Balm with Vitamin E
This is my new favorite flavor! It tastes just like a sweet, refreshing scoop of lemon sorbet. It also reminds me of the lemony taste of Barnum's Animal Crackers :)

Lip Gloss with a Hint of Sheer Color
The light, delicate flavor will remind you of a cup of sweet jasmine tea at Thai Happiness restaurant. This glossy lip balm has a hint of sheer plum shimmer that looks very natural, and it's full of great things for your lips!

Many-Purpose Solid Lotion / Perfume
Admittedly I'm not always a huge fan of sweet scents, but there's just something about this yellow cake fragrance. The scent is so authentically cakey, it reminds me of a batch of cupcakes fresh out of the oven.

Epic Lip Balm with Vitamin E
An unusual lip balm that smells like a walk through a springtime orchard of powdery cherry blossoms and honeysuckle, while it tastes like sweet, fruity cherry and peach.

GIANT 8oz. VAT of Many-Purpose Solid Lotion!
Now available in giant 8oz. tins, 4x bigger than my regular size lotions. They will keep your skin moisturized all day even in the cold, dry winter months. Slather with abandon!