This year's coveted roses...

 There is a website called Heirloom Roses where you can order your roses by mail. I did this once last year and, shockingly, it actually worked. I have a wishlist going there, and these are at the top of my list to plant this year... as if I needed more roses on top of the 80 billion we planted last year. I can't wait to get started!

Green Ice!
 Roses come in every color except blue, black and green (they say), but look at this amazing green rose! A unique rose having buds of soft apricot that open into fully double blooms of soft, cool green (deeper green when grown in partial shade). The color of 'Green Ice' comes closer to a true green than any other rose. 

Stainless Steel
With tones on silvery lavender, 'Stainless Steel' is easy to grow and has long lasting greyish-purplish silver flowers.

Joseph's Coat
The most strikingly colorful of all climbing roses. Large trusses of medium sized, semi-double 4" blooms (petals 12+) of cherry-red, overlaid, shaded and blended with gold. They open fully to show rich deep golden centers. A color combination that will catch your eye the minute you enter your garden. Very vigorous and easy to grow in inferior soil (which we surely have here in NM).

 I saw this one at the local rose park and fell in love. Huge 6"+ blooms (petals 30+) of a soft cream are finely edged in delicate pink having a mild nutty rose fragrance, making it a wonderful cut flower.

Buxom Beauty
This gorgeous rose produces huge, double high-centered blooms whose coloring is quite unique. I could best describe it as blending and shadings of raspberry and orchid. This exotic coloring is matched by its enchanting perfume.