Epic Retro

It's finally happening! The Epic Retro collection will be up this Saturday, Feb. 6 at 12 noon ET. Lots of lip balms, old school lip tints, solid lotions, whipped body butters, sugar scrubs, and more. Your favorites from years past will be back along with some new early spring scents. At www.epicsoap.com and on Etsy at www.epicallyepicsoap.etsy.com.


Will I be cartjacked? No! I will make sure everything stays in stock for at least the first week, so you can browse and shop in peace.

What is your TAT? Turnaround times will be 2-3 weeks. Not every order will take this long, but some might. Please remember that I'm doing this all myself and I also have two little children to take care of. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!

Are you still doing the free mystery balms? Yes, All orders of $30 or more will come with a free super-mystery-limited-edition lip balm. I am making new flavors exclusively for the bonus lip balm, so you will get a fun surprise with your order :)

Whoa, what's with the international shipping rate??!! Hi international customers! USPS has raised the prices for international shipping, but please contact me about flat-rate... as long as your package is 8oz. or less it will be 12.59 USD. Get as many lip balms or tints as you want for one flat rate!