Happy New Year

Thanks to my customers for a great year!!! Use the coupon code EPICNEWYEAR to get 15% off your order 'til January 1, 2011! Just enter the coupon code at checkout and the discount will be calculated automatically.


New products coming in 2011... all-natural dish w
ashing soap, scented hair and body mist, new perfume oils, and lots more lip balm flavors!!!

The joy of (even more) new lip balms!

I can't seem to stop making new lip balm flavors. The newest are Red Velvet Cake, Lavender-Vanilla-Chamomile, Thai Spice, and Gummy Bears. And coming soon... I Love Lychee and Wassail flavors.

♪ I'm going... to the West... ♫♪

We are almost ready to leave for our epic journey to Santa Fe, New Mexico! I expect to re-open my shop on October 20. All orders have been shipped :)

♥ I'll always love you, Chicago ♥

Anybody need some hot peppers?

About the only thing that did well in my garden this summer was the hot peppers. I love them, but I'm discovering there's only so many peppers a person can eat. Aren't they pretty, though?

(Above: banana peppers, a lone tomato, jalapeño, anaheim pepper, red and green cayennes, Thai peppers.)

The Joy of New Lip Balms

For several months this year my favorite ingredient was unavailable and I couldn't make any new lip balms. It was a tragic time, but now it's back and I'm so happy to be making lip balms again! Have a look at the newest flavors and lip tints, Spiced Pumpkin Lavender, Turkish Coffee, Mint Chocolate Espresso, Coconut Vanilla, Raspberry Pie à la mode, EpicBerry Vanilla, Blueberry Lemonade, and Peach Pie à la mode... all vegan!

New Web Address

Epically Epic Soap has a new, short, easy to remember web address:


Now anytime you need to find my shop, just type in www.epicsoap.com or epicsoap.com in your browser's address bar and you will be automatically forwarded to my shop on Etsy!

Vacation Mode

Epically Epic Soap will be in vacation mode until August 1. I'll be camping in epically beautiful Buena Vista, CO and hopefully picking up some inspiration for new soaps. See you in August when I'll be introducing more new scents and products :)

Buena Vista Soap

The Soap Box Shop

Hey Chicagoans, Epically Epic soaps and sugar cube scrubs are now available at The Soap Box Shop in Highland Park!

The Soap Box Shop
1853 Second Street
Highland Park, Illinois

Our film premiere! (A non-soap-related post)

Join us for the premiere screening of The First and Only Lesson at The Chicago Center for the Performing Arts this September!

Date and time to be announced -- please check back soon or contact me for more details.

So, Where is the ¼ Moisture Lotion?

Thank you, Southern Soapers, for this eye-opening analysis. Click the chart to read more.


I just finished making a set of custom-scented perfumes and lotions for Jewell Gardens in Skagway, Alaska. Some of the scents include Alaskan Wildflowers, Fruits of the Garden, and English Rose Tea. Fun!


Upcoming Craft Shows in the Chicago Area...

I'll be selling soaps, lip balms, lotions, sugar cube scrubs, perfume, and candles at two craft shows this week. Come and pick out some locally made handcrafted gifts just in time for Mother's Day. Or just stop by and say hi --
I would totally love to see you.

GCCNS Spring Boutique 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
9:00 am – 8:00

Glenview Community Church Nursery School
1000 Elm St., Glenview, IL 60025

20% of proceeds will be donated to the nursery school :)

"Sustainable with Style" A green boutique and garden expo.

April 24 and 25
11 a.m.-5 p.m. both days
At the Morton Arboretum Visitor's Center

4100 Illinois Rte 53
Lisle, Illinois

Attend this eco-friendly marketplace featuring environmentally-friendly home décor, cosmetics, and luxury apparel.

I'm thrilled about this, as I have innumerable warm childhood memories of hiking in the Morton Arboretum. Chicagoans, this is a great excuse to get out and enjoy this strangely warm, early Spring we're having!

My setup at last year's Morton Arboretum Craft Show.

New Lotions and Lip Balms!

Many-Purpose Solid Lotion / Perfume

I created this scent to smell just like a day at the beach. It has been about 10 degrees and snowing here in Chicago and I couldn't help fantasizing about fresh ocean breezes, notes of sea salt, and the whiff of warm, tropical coconut.

Epic Lip Balm with Vitamin E
This is my new favorite flavor! It tastes just like a sweet, refreshing scoop of lemon sorbet. It also reminds me of the lemony taste of Barnum's Animal Crackers :)

Lip Gloss with a Hint of Sheer Color
The light, delicate flavor will remind you of a cup of sweet jasmine tea at Thai Happiness restaurant. This glossy lip balm has a hint of sheer plum shimmer that looks very natural, and it's full of great things for your lips!

Many-Purpose Solid Lotion / Perfume
Admittedly I'm not always a huge fan of sweet scents, but there's just something about this yellow cake fragrance. The scent is so authentically cakey, it reminds me of a batch of cupcakes fresh out of the oven.

Epic Lip Balm with Vitamin E
An unusual lip balm that smells like a walk through a springtime orchard of powdery cherry blossoms and honeysuckle, while it tastes like sweet, fruity cherry and peach.

GIANT 8oz. VAT of Many-Purpose Solid Lotion!
Now available in giant 8oz. tins, 4x bigger than my regular size lotions. They will keep your skin moisturized all day even in the cold, dry winter months. Slather with abandon!