Vacation mode... again

Well, my shop is in vacation mode again until the 15th. I'm going to epic Santa Barbara, CA to visit my best friend while I still can. Everyone is telling me to do my traveling now because it will be nigh impossible once the little baby is here.

Here is a picture of me looking puffy in my maternity clothes...

I feel like a terrible business-person for being in vacation mode so much this past month or so. Once I'm but back from Santa Barbara I don't have anything else planned for the summer, so I'll be able to focus on getting things done for my shop and for my lovely customers. Look this summer for new lip balm flavors (finally!) including Watermelon Punch, Lemon Sorbet, Tropical Paradise, and Rocky Road.

I may even send out a coupon code as a thank you for being so patient with me lately. You can still sign up for my mailing list here (green box on the right ------->) to receive it.