Black Friday sale coming this Friday! Use coupon code THANKFUL for 15% off any order on November 23rd only.

**Holiday ordering deadlines**

Please order by Dec. 1st if you need your items for Christmas. The December 1st deadline applies to U.S. and international orders. Orders placed after Dec. 1 will not arrive in time for Christmas.

Here's what's coming for Black Friday! New Black Friday items will be available until January 1st, except for cold process soaps which are limited quantity.

New scent:
Paper Rose - White rose, parchment paper, birchwood, and whipped cream. Available in solid lotion, perfume, hair mist, and shea & aloe lotion.

More bonus balms:

Orange Cinnamon Roll
(For my friend Alyssa B. whose grandma would make orange cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast.) 
White Gummy Bears
(Candy sweet pineapple and citrus, for the most underrated gummy bear flavor.) 
Wintry Mix
(For Chicago winters, an icy cold combo of spearmint, peppermint, and wintergreen essential oils.)

Cold process soap:

Glacial Ice (spearmint)
Falling Stars
Frankincense & Fir
Moonlit Moonflower

Whipped Body Butters: I can only handle a few scents at a time on these. I'm thinking about switching out the current scents for different ones, including Snow Cherries from France. Suggestions welcome!

T.A.T. Notes: Turn around times are about 2-3 weeks.

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