Lip Balm Formula Update!

I’m rolling out a slight change to my lip balm formula starting now. Basically it’s the same EE recipe you know with a small amount of shea butter added. I find it gives the balms an extra-creamy oomph, and my friends say it’s like Epically Epic lip balm Plus.

The reason for the change is the new sweetener I’ve been using (the old one was discontinued) is very fussy to work with. Too little and you can’t taste anything, too much and it changes the whole texture of the balm. Behind the scenes I have had to re-do several batches I didn’t think were quite good enough. The shea just makes it all come together better. After much searching, I even found a shea butter that I trust not to go grainy. (Very important!)

Please give me your feedback if you try one of the new ones. I know you all take your lip balm seriously, as do I.

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  1. I love the way you're always experimenting and trying new things!