I Love Soap!

It is getting to be a rare occasion that I have a chance to make some cold process soap! I relish my soap days and try to get a lot done... because I never know when my next chance will be.

Beautiful freshly traced soap!

Lovely loaves ready to cut, two days after they're made.

Epically Epic Soap bars -- Cranberry-Lime, Vanilla Spice, Hazelnut Cinnamon, Peach Tea, and Pumpkin Pie. I used pumpkin seed oil in a lot of these recipes because it adds that 'above and beyond' awesomeness to the lather, or at least I think so.

A few days later I got to make some more! French Vanilla and Violets, Holly Berry, a Halloween soap, and Ginger-Pear.

These and more will be available at www.EpicSoap.com and on Etsy in about a month (August 2015).

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