Epically Epic is now a registered trademark!

Epically Epic ® !

Well, it took a while, but I have gone through the entire process to make Epically Epic my own legal registered trademark. I was inspired to do this when I discovered that cyber-squatters had taken the domain name epicallyepic.com (see what they did with it, here grrrrrr.) It's nice to know that I'll have some legal recourse if someone wants to 'borrow' my business name in the future. If you need advice on trademarking your business name, feel free to contact me :)

My trademark was published in the Trademark Official Gazette on November 27. Pretty interesting to see all the trademarks that have been published recently, including Isaac Mizrahi.

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  1. I viewed the link and I think it’s a wise decision that you made your domain name your own trademark. In that way, you’ll have total control over it and wouldn’t be used by anyone else. Good luck!

    Kim Bonner