Craft Show Best Sellers

I did three craft shows this week, and these five soaps stood out as the best-sellers. Not what I was expecting!


Nearly everyone who stopped to browse my soap table liked this one. It was the clear favorite of the week!

This soap was inspired by my mom's beautiful red and yellow tulips that would sprout every spring after a long Chicago winter. Scented with the crisp, delicate fragrance of tulips, a light floral scent that's not overpowering.


Many commented that this was the prettiest one :)

Celebrate the glorious arrival of summer with our new Sangria soap! It's effervescent scent of apple, tangerine, lemon, lime and Merlot is inspired by the delicious Spanish cocktail we all know well. This olive oil soap really lathers beautifully.


"What's a lychee???"

It is difficult to describe the scent of the South Asian lychee fruit, but once you try it you will never forget it's delicately sweet, slightly perfumed fragrance. It's my favorite fruit scent ever! This soap bar exfoliates with natural cranberry seeds and moisturizes your skin with olive oil and shea butter.


Hyacinth with Aloe's scent and color combo are perfect for spring.

This soap smells just like a fresh April hyacinth. It makes me so happy to see the blue, pink, and white hyacinths pop up every spring around my neighborhood -- and they smell soooooo beautiful! I made this soap with moisturizing shea butter and soothing aloe vera.


The Margs kept selling out by the end of the day!

I love how this one turned out! This olive oil soap is scented with a blend of natural lime and citrus essential oils and dusted with exfoliating sea salt. You'll feel like you're in Akumal sipping margaritas by the sea.

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  1. Those soaps all caught my attention, too. :) I nearly got the lychee soap, but decided on mimosa instead. Mmm. And I am eagerly looking forward to the hyacinth - They bloomed around here last month, and they smell heavenly. Sadly they've all wilted by now.